To Add or Not to Add


So the other day I was at my work, a customer called for a certain business inquiry and he had the sexiest voice one can ever imagine. I thanked God on that day for having smartphone and a 3G connection in my life. Right after I hung up the phone, I opened Facebook and searched for his profile, and there he was, the guy with the charming voice! I first checked his personal information such as his educational background, his interests, his favorite type of music and I’m not going to lie, I also checked his relationship status πŸ™‚

If I were a guy and I was checking a beautiful girl’s profile, I wouldn’t even think whether I should add her as a friend or not, I would add her before I blink, but that’s not the case here isn’t it? I stayed on his profile, checking some of his pictures but I didn’t add him as my friend. Then it hit me. Why is it normal for a guy to add some random girl but the idea will be crazy if it will be the other way around? Why can’t I do the same for a change? If a girl likes someone’s profile and adds him as her friend, she will be labeled as an easy girl and a stalker or at least this is how society taught us. I thought for hours about this simple and yet complicated issue but the curiosity to find out what it feels like adding someone random for the first time was preventing me to close his profile, next thing I know I already clicked on ‘Add as a Friend’, following by an immediate regret and a monologue: Why on earth did I add him? What if he doesn’t accept me as his friend? What would I tell him if I see him online? Should I talk first?… Numerous questions were accumulating in my brain which prevented me from sleeping but what’s done is done.

The next day I checked my profile, he accepted me as his friend! I was very happy yet very hesitant at the same time because I still don’t know what should I do next. After one week of hesitation, I finally got the courage to talk to him and explained why I added him on Facebook. I was very surprised from his reaction, I don’t know if he was too shy or too shocked because I was talking to him, he was too serious, with the minimum use of emoticons and very short sentences but he was friendly at the same time, asking me about my hobbies and what I do in life.

The situation was still weird, I felt very wrong, as if I’m stealing something that’s not mine. I never add a stranger just because he has an interesting profile, I don’t know what was I thinking back then and I don’t know if he will talk to me again or simply remove me from his friends list (I know I would). If he will, this means I can clearly prove my point that society should not dominate our brain and that we should dominate the society. If he won’t, then it will be his problem. At least this way I wouldn’t keep wondering ‘what if I added him’, I would have answers in both situations, nothing to lose πŸ™‚

What about you my fellow readers? Do you think the same way or did I cross my line in this situation? Do you wonder why the girl can’t add someone in her social network just because she feels like it? Is it true that the society is our leader and not the other way around? Feel free to share all your point of views and comments, after all, we are all humans and we always learn from each other and try to become a better person as we grow.

2 thoughts on “To Add or Not to Add

  1. Veroushka says:

    Very well said. In most of the cases, society leads you to act the way you should act– either directly or indirectly. It’s up to the person to decide to overcome it at some instances..
    Well done πŸ™‚

  2. skylerspeaks says:

    Thank you Veroushka πŸ™‚ I should be honored by your comment since it’s the very first one, hope you enjoyed reading πŸ™‚

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