Taxi? La2 SERVICE!!!


I love Lebanon, I really do. I can travel around the world and be mesmerized by the Great Wall of China, cry from the beauty and innocence of Italy (tears of joy), amazed by the elegance of France… but I will always love Lebanon, there’s no country that can get you to the mountains in less than half hour and take you back to the sea in less than 20 minutes except Lebanon.

It’s a great country with a great nightlife. Unfortunately, there are many things and many people who turned this country upside down and made the life of the Lebanese citizens a living hell, on top of them are the politicians…and the cab drivers! Yes the cab drivers, surprised ha. 70% of them are freaks, 25% of them go after girls and only 5% are the sane ones.

Cab drivers are supposed to be the safest human beings who they should care about their passengers’ safety but here in Lebanon, everything is different, breaking rules are in their veins. If a cab driver is driving from the left side of the road and he suddenly sees a potential passenger to the right, he simply goes to the right without giving any sign to the cars behind him that he’s changing his direction along with a non stop honk so that the person who’s standing there to wait for him. (And you wonder why the percentage of car accidents increase, well here’s your answer)

Lebanese people are social human beings, and sometimes they talk almost anything just for the sake of talking. Cab drivers are the role models in that department, they start talking about their personal lives, how he’s unhappy with his wife and that’s why he chose this career, to stay away from her and to meet other women (and by other women they mean you). Can you imagine someone telling you such story at 7 freakin AM?! and they continue their talk by saying how incredible you are and beautiful and you’re not even saying a word. I don’t know if all of you agree with me or if you were in similar situations as such, maybe I just have a bad luck in life.

In addition to that, all of them pretend to have amnesia. You pay them 2,000 LBP let’s say from Ashrafieh to Dora, they either tell you that you have to pay ‘Servicen’ (meaning 4,000 LBP) because he had to drop the other passenger to Dekwaneh and that made him drive all the way back to Dora, (as if that’s your problem) or they will pretend they forgot that you paid them and call you a liar and make you pay for a second time.

After all these horrible experiences of crazy cab drivers with their crazy stories, I finally decided to end this nightmare and found the perfect solution: GETTING MY OWN CAR. I got a clean used car that I can now drive at 7:00 AM, knowing that there won’t be anyone next to me talking about his crazy or perverted stories, it’s just me and my radio!, so in case someone is going through the same problem at the moment, take my advice, go get yourself a second hand car that you can afford and wake up from your nightmare for good, I know I have 🙂


2 thoughts on “Taxi? La2 SERVICE!!!

  1. BeirutBoy says:

    i share ur frustration…Cab drivers are the worse.

    Add to that the fact that they cross red lights and drive in the opposite direction (3aks el seyr) when needed!!! Not that I never do those 😛

    • skylerspeaks says:

      Thank you for sharing Beirut Boy 🙂
      I got rid of that nightmare now but guess what?
      M living a new one cz apparently you need to be a pro in breaking rules in order to drive in Lebanon! No offense btw 😛

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