Seeking Laziness?

By the end of Friday, we all get exhausted from our work, from the constant nagging of our bitchy manager who not only assigns loads of responsibilities and tasks but also gives us the most stupid remark just to avoid saying ‘thank you’, from the endless traffic caused by schools and colleges, from the hot weather that makes you numb and sleepy and from endless days of early wake ups just to be at work on time.

Read again the first paragraph. Did you feel a sudden extra weight on your shoulder? I know I did. There are two ways to deal with this situation: either get rid of that weight or keep it accumulating. I don’t know about you but I choose the first option,and what better way to do so other than breaking routine. When I feel I’m drowning (metaphorically speaking) and overloaded to the extent that I can’t breathe, I seek craziness, something new and fun to feel balanced again.

One of the best ways to feel alive is to have some leisure time in our lives such as going to road trips, shopping, hanging out with our friends/best friend, exercising, participating new activities/sports, going to the beach… That’s how I gain my balance and become productive again. Try to insert some craziness in your life and you’ll automatically feel fresh again.

Last Sunday, I went to one of Lebanon’s amazing beach resorts in Jiyeh: LAZY B, or should I call it HEAVEN B! It is the calmest beach I have ever seen (Literally there’s no music) in South of Lebanon. The view indeed looks like heaven on earth. If you want to feel a bit lazy, trust me, you need to visit Lazy B ASAP! The resort has basically two pools,one is oval and the other is rectangle surrounded by grass and beautiful flowers in different colors and shapes. The oval pool has 2 large balloons where people can sit on it and float above the water. Be careful from the balloon though because you have to be fast and get to its center, otherwise you will fall in the water and laugh your ass off later (just like I did shhhh). There are actual beds for people to sunbathe/sleep! There are also other kinds of comfortable chairs for those who find awkward to use beds. On the other hand, there are hammocks where people use them to relax or have some photo shoot (Like I did). I even fell asleep in one of them because of the resort’s atmosphere and the absence of music. It was worth it though, we all need to feel lazy every once in a while so don’t be afraid admitting that you want some craziness in your system and try experiencing the fun of having a lazy day at a place where people are as lazy as you are going to be: Lazy B

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