Balad El Mousawat

Last Friday, my friends and I decided to go clubbing at the most elegant rooftop in Beirut. It turns out that one of our friends already reserved for us a week ago over the bar and wanted to surprise us. I was very excited to the extent that my adrenaline level more than doubled from my enthusiasm. I even picked the perfect dress color that matched with the club’s theme: WHITE. Clubbing time arrived. We were all dressed up and on our way to party our asses off. Little did we know, the place that we were going to was the shittiest fucked up club someone can ever imagine!

Clubbing at White was the worst experience that I wish to erase from my memory: First the ‘Valet Parking’ took 20,000 LBP (wtf?!!)  just to take our car, drive it recklessly, and park it a zillion blocks away from the club. After we got over that lousy ass parking service, we headed to the club but guess what? They didn’t let us in. Why?! I wish I knew.Their excuse was that there’s no place and no reservation under ‘Roger’ (our friend who reserved a week ago). Roger tried to talk with all the bouncers there and explained to them the situation, all they did was ignore us like trash and let others in. We were so pissed at them and wished to disappear. We were fully dressed with our make up and hotness on but instead they were choosing other arrogant people like them. We finally gave up and decided to go somewhere else before someone gets hurt.

Is this the equality that people talk about in Lebanon? Is this how the government keeps proving us that there’s no discrimination? Does the term ‘Lebanon is for everyone’ truly apply to this country? Who is responsible for all this misconception of this country? Many questions were going through my head while heading to the other club which I was also worried about. But you gotta believe when they say ‘Expect the Unexpected’ because we weren’t expecting to have such a blast at FUNKTION; one of Lebanon’s exclusive rooftop with amazing graphics and incredible DJ (hot too:P). The mesmerizing music made us move and dance non stop without even getting drunk, that’s the DJ’s job, he made us drunk through his amazing music and the mixed melody accompanied by very beautiful background graphics that were constantly changing every time the music changes. FUNKTION will be one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had.

Once again Lebanese society proves that everything in Lebanon is misunderstood and what matters is not who you are, it’s who you know (kil shi byifhamo bil 2eleb w bala wasta ma btiswa 2irsh). So if someone asks me about WHITE, I directly say it’s a bunch of  Wasted Hypocritical Ignorant Trashy Empty heads who I should thank for not letting me and my friends in as we discovered the most exclusive rooftop we could ever imagine.