I Dare You To Try

Everyone has his/her own way of delivering certain message to someone. Some express through a straight-forward statement, others express through creative techniques attracting people by their message.

Celebrities are known as the gods of creativity and individuality. Here are few examples showing their exceptional art in delivering their message.

Chris Brown


He recently tattooed a woman’s face on his neck, wounded and in pain and who has a very big resemblance of his former lover Rihanna. Coincidence? I think not.

Even though Chris Brown denies the fact that the tattoo does not represent his ex girlfriend, it is obvious that he created a distinctive approach to express his regret of the unforgettable memory back in 2009 when he beat up Rihanna and traced remarkable bruises on her face and neck. Through this tattoo, Chris Brown showed that he will always remember how he hurt her and how he wishes he can undo the damage he caused not only to his ex but also to his fans.

Lady Gaga


Every single step Lady Gaga takes is distinguished from the other.

I was very surprised when I saw her wearing a custom made dress tailored by meat, or when she appeared as her alter ego Jo Calderone (ugliest man I have ever seen), but I am not being surprised anymore.Her recent BO(A)LD statement demonstrated in public was her half shaved hair as a tribute to her close friend and photographer Terry Richardson’s mother’s death. Very sentimental message Gaga! Keep up the good work 🙂



(The iconic singer deserves a blog on her own explaining the meaning of every single tattoo that she has on her body)

Rihanna has over 20 tattoos on her body, perfectly designed.

Her latest tattoo was the one she had underneath her breasts which is the inking (done at a parlour in London’s Soho over the weekend) of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the goddess of rainbows. The distinctive design is a tribute to her late beloved grandmother who she loved very much.

And they say perfection doesn’t exist! Clearly they haven’t met these artists yet who presented perfection through another perception. However, no matter how creative you are, if you live in Lebanon, my advice is the following: DO NOT IMITATE THEM! The government will think you’re a freak and make you bare the consequences (bitrabbik 3a tari2ta) (but that will be discussed in another topic). But if you’re outside Lebanon and you like to be distinguished by the others, then GO FOR IT! I DARE YOU.