You’ve Got…

Remember Tom Hanks’ movie with Meg Ryan ‘You’ve Got Mail’?

It’s that feeling that gives you goosebumps whenever you see the guy/girl that you like signed in the messenger and said hi! That feeling that makes you smile for no reason like a kid who just won a prize. You just can’t help it but smile. You start having adrenalin rush, butterflies, you name it!

Truth is, I stopped having those feelings. Now don’t get me wrong, (let me finish)I stopped having those feelings for MSN thanks to a new invention which I’m sure is very familiar to all of you (since 2011) called WhatsApp.

Who needs MSN if you can talk to the same contacts from your smartphone (via WhatsApp). You can start chatting whoever you want from a simple click on your phone’s Wifi.

Whether you are at work having your lunch break, or in your car stuck in traffic, or out with your friends, you can still talk to your loved ones from your phone, how great is that!

I recently met a guy (coincidentally from a dating site), he is very cute (showed me his pic) and hot and so my type! Thanks to WhatsApp, we constantly talk to each other, day and night, from the moment we wake up till the moment we fall asleep. I remember the first time he talked to me on WhatsApp, my bestie (at the same time) was actually asking about him if he started talking to me or not, and all of a sudden, I see his name appearing on WhatsApp talking to me! My heart was beating fast and I was smiling all the time while talking to him. We still didn’t meet each other in person but we’re getting there (I hope).

So if you were having butterflies while seeing the person you like signing in MSN every night or once a week, can you imagine how many times your heart will beat on WhatsApp while chatting with him/her 24/7?

Don’t be sad MSN, I’ll still visit you from time to time, I won’t let you down, but I hope one day you’ll understand my Open Relationship with WhatsApp