You Really Think It Was Over?!

  Two days ago, Lebanon witnessed the assassination of Wissam Adnan Al Hassan,the head of Lebanese Insternal Security’s intelligence-oriented Information Branch at Sessine, Ashrafieh. We’re back to Zero thanks to those selfish bastards who allegedly call themselves ‘Politicians’ (byishbaho kil shi illa el siyesiyyin). At least four years ago when it all started, they used to drop bombs at night, in an abandoned place for the purpose of traumatizing people without killing them (not that they didn’t kill anyone but anyway). Now the whole scenario has been flipped upside down, they picked the most crowded and narrowest street in Sessine and dropped that bomb around 2:30 PM.

Do you know what does 2:30 PM mean in Lebanon (at least on a weekday)? It means it is the time where all roads in Beirut will be fully occupied; kids leave their school and their parents will come and pick them up. Bank employees leave their work and some other part timers in different companies as well. And let’s not forget the cab drivers who will do anything to get to that one passenger across the street. The road that they implanted this bomb is a shortcut which leads to the back of Hotel Dieu that people choose to take to avoid traffic at Sessine square.

I wish I can literally show you how pissed I am from this situation, like the level of my hatred towards those murderers. Wlek 7ello 3anna ba2a! haven’t you done enough? What’s the purpose of having a chain of bomb attacks? increasing the level of unemployment? More homeless people? More Poverty? Killing innocent people, innocent babies and women…? Taking down some buildings? Well congrats you assfuck your genie has just made all your wishes come true but remember, what goes around comes around and I cannot tell you how much I want that day to come, the day that I will see who’s this person and I don’t even know if I can call you a person or a heartless robot.

For those who got killed two days ago may your soul rest in peace, for those who got injured I will pray for you and ask from God to give you the strength and faith to get over this tragic trauma and move on with your lives. For the new generation, I beg you to stop burning tires, stop closing roads and installing tents in the middle of the street and defending your party that I’m sure you don’t even know what or who you are defending from the first place.Don’t return terrorism by creating another kind of terrorism. You’re young and many years will be ahead of you, think about something useful for your future and for your family, they didn’t raise you to kill nor to steal,do you even know WHY are you doing all this? Who gave you the right to set the streets on fire and start shooting people and closing roads? Are those streets named after you or something? Instead of making a massive chaos on the streets, go to Virgin and see thousands of books all written and illustrated about Beirut especially in 1975, flip through the pages of the book and look at the pictures of people who got tragically killed, of children who lost their parents and wandering alone on the streets searching for their mom n dad, look at the buildings, look at the homeless people.

Don’t you wanna live in a peaceful country with great economy so you can find a good job with good salary so you can have a better future, so we can all have a better future? Don’t you wanna sleep without any distraction from outside? Who are you to judge who’s right and who’s wrong? All you need to do is to love your country, respect your religion, accept others religion. This is a time when unity is most needed, we should all reach our hands to those people who became homeless, to the victims who lost their soul without even knowing, to the people who got injured and their wounds will leave a big scar in their hearts. This is a time to pray God to be with us so we keep hoping for a brighter future and we keep hoping to find out the common denominator of this chain of assassination and leave us in peace and not pieces.