Baby You’re a Firework!

The girl who kissed a girl and liked it in 2008 is now one of the most successful Pop sensational artists and Billboard’s woman of the year!! Congratulations Katy Perry, you truly deserve it!!!

I envy Rihanna for being Katy’s BFF (that lucky biatch :P)

If you can be in a serious relationship and manage to keep that relationship your priority despite your busy and crazy schedule at work then you truly ARE a firework.

Katy Perry has been named on Tuesday, September 25 Billboard’s woman of the year because she’s a ‘Superwoman’ who managed to overcome her personal and professional ups and downs.

Some People get dumped by their boyfriend/girlfriend and stay days (if not weeks) depressed, feeling useless and alone but not Katy Perry.

After juggling between her crazy career and husband Russel Brand who she loved  more than anything in her life, the married couple broke up in late 2011 due to many kinds of disagreements between them, or at least that’s what the media keeps telling us. Katy was devastated by the break-up because she realized that her fairy tale is officially over. However, instead of moaning and crying, she channeled the split with the British comedian into not only a hit single but also a 3D movie (behind the scenes) called ‘Part of Me’.

If you look at Katy Perry, you see this attractive woman with a porcelain skin and beautiful eyes just like in fairy tales, you think that she has a perfect life and a successful career, but the truth is, it took her years of hard work and devotion to get where she is right now. Three record deals fell apart back in 2007 until she signed with Capitol which had also its ups and downs but didn’t give up on Katy and believed in her and tried to understand who she really is. That is how ‘I kissed A Girl’ became the Pop Star’s hit song in 2008 and that is how people witnessed the birth of the new star from Santa Barbra who kept on shining and rising and having top-charts single(s) around the world!

I will always love you Katy Perry 🙂

P.S. If you’re one of Katy Perry’s biggest fans, I urge you to watch her behind the scenes 3D movie ‘Part of Me’ to know who Katy Perry really is.

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