You Really Think It Was Over?!

  Two days ago, Lebanon witnessed the assassination of Wissam Adnan Al Hassan,the head of Lebanese Insternal Security’s intelligence-oriented Information Branch at Sessine, Ashrafieh. We’re back to Zero thanks to those selfish bastards who allegedly call themselves ‘Politicians’ (byishbaho kil shi illa el siyesiyyin). At least four years ago when it all started, they used to drop bombs at night, in an abandoned place for the purpose of traumatizing people without killing them (not that they didn’t kill anyone but anyway). Now the whole scenario has been flipped upside down, they picked the most crowded and narrowest street in Sessine and dropped that bomb around 2:30 PM.

Do you know what does 2:30 PM mean in Lebanon (at least on a weekday)? It means it is the time where all roads in Beirut will be fully occupied; kids leave their school and their parents will come and pick them up. Bank employees leave their work and some other part timers in different companies as well. And let’s not forget the cab drivers who will do anything to get to that one passenger across the street. The road that they implanted this bomb is a shortcut which leads to the back of Hotel Dieu that people choose to take to avoid traffic at Sessine square.

I wish I can literally show you how pissed I am from this situation, like the level of my hatred towards those murderers. Wlek 7ello 3anna ba2a! haven’t you done enough? What’s the purpose of having a chain of bomb attacks? increasing the level of unemployment? More homeless people? More Poverty? Killing innocent people, innocent babies and women…? Taking down some buildings? Well congrats you assfuck your genie has just made all your wishes come true but remember, what goes around comes around and I cannot tell you how much I want that day to come, the day that I will see who’s this person and I don’t even know if I can call you a person or a heartless robot.

For those who got killed two days ago may your soul rest in peace, for those who got injured I will pray for you and ask from God to give you the strength and faith to get over this tragic trauma and move on with your lives. For the new generation, I beg you to stop burning tires, stop closing roads and installing tents in the middle of the street and defending your party that I’m sure you don’t even know what or who you are defending from the first place.Don’t return terrorism by creating another kind of terrorism. You’re young and many years will be ahead of you, think about something useful for your future and for your family, they didn’t raise you to kill nor to steal,do you even know WHY are you doing all this? Who gave you the right to set the streets on fire and start shooting people and closing roads? Are those streets named after you or something? Instead of making a massive chaos on the streets, go to Virgin and see thousands of books all written and illustrated about Beirut especially in 1975, flip through the pages of the book and look at the pictures of people who got tragically killed, of children who lost their parents and wandering alone on the streets searching for their mom n dad, look at the buildings, look at the homeless people.

Don’t you wanna live in a peaceful country with great economy so you can find a good job with good salary so you can have a better future, so we can all have a better future? Don’t you wanna sleep without any distraction from outside? Who are you to judge who’s right and who’s wrong? All you need to do is to love your country, respect your religion, accept others religion. This is a time when unity is most needed, we should all reach our hands to those people who became homeless, to the victims who lost their soul without even knowing, to the people who got injured and their wounds will leave a big scar in their hearts. This is a time to pray God to be with us so we keep hoping for a brighter future and we keep hoping to find out the common denominator of this chain of assassination and leave us in peace and not pieces.


You’ve Got…

Remember Tom Hanks’ movie with Meg Ryan ‘You’ve Got Mail’?

It’s that feeling that gives you goosebumps whenever you see the guy/girl that you like signed in the messenger and said hi! That feeling that makes you smile for no reason like a kid who just won a prize. You just can’t help it but smile. You start having adrenalin rush, butterflies, you name it!

Truth is, I stopped having those feelings. Now don’t get me wrong, (let me finish)I stopped having those feelings for MSN thanks to a new invention which I’m sure is very familiar to all of you (since 2011) called WhatsApp.

Who needs MSN if you can talk to the same contacts from your smartphone (via WhatsApp). You can start chatting whoever you want from a simple click on your phone’s Wifi.

Whether you are at work having your lunch break, or in your car stuck in traffic, or out with your friends, you can still talk to your loved ones from your phone, how great is that!

I recently met a guy (coincidentally from a dating site), he is very cute (showed me his pic) and hot and so my type! Thanks to WhatsApp, we constantly talk to each other, day and night, from the moment we wake up till the moment we fall asleep. I remember the first time he talked to me on WhatsApp, my bestie (at the same time) was actually asking about him if he started talking to me or not, and all of a sudden, I see his name appearing on WhatsApp talking to me! My heart was beating fast and I was smiling all the time while talking to him. We still didn’t meet each other in person but we’re getting there (I hope).

So if you were having butterflies while seeing the person you like signing in MSN every night or once a week, can you imagine how many times your heart will beat on WhatsApp while chatting with him/her 24/7?

Don’t be sad MSN, I’ll still visit you from time to time, I won’t let you down, but I hope one day you’ll understand my Open Relationship with WhatsApp

Baby You’re a Firework!

The girl who kissed a girl and liked it in 2008 is now one of the most successful Pop sensational artists and Billboard’s woman of the year!! Congratulations Katy Perry, you truly deserve it!!!

I envy Rihanna for being Katy’s BFF (that lucky biatch :P)

If you can be in a serious relationship and manage to keep that relationship your priority despite your busy and crazy schedule at work then you truly ARE a firework.

Katy Perry has been named on Tuesday, September 25 Billboard’s woman of the year because she’s a ‘Superwoman’ who managed to overcome her personal and professional ups and downs.

Some People get dumped by their boyfriend/girlfriend and stay days (if not weeks) depressed, feeling useless and alone but not Katy Perry.

After juggling between her crazy career and husband Russel Brand who she loved  more than anything in her life, the married couple broke up in late 2011 due to many kinds of disagreements between them, or at least that’s what the media keeps telling us. Katy was devastated by the break-up because she realized that her fairy tale is officially over. However, instead of moaning and crying, she channeled the split with the British comedian into not only a hit single but also a 3D movie (behind the scenes) called ‘Part of Me’.

If you look at Katy Perry, you see this attractive woman with a porcelain skin and beautiful eyes just like in fairy tales, you think that she has a perfect life and a successful career, but the truth is, it took her years of hard work and devotion to get where she is right now. Three record deals fell apart back in 2007 until she signed with Capitol which had also its ups and downs but didn’t give up on Katy and believed in her and tried to understand who she really is. That is how ‘I kissed A Girl’ became the Pop Star’s hit song in 2008 and that is how people witnessed the birth of the new star from Santa Barbra who kept on shining and rising and having top-charts single(s) around the world!

I will always love you Katy Perry 🙂

P.S. If you’re one of Katy Perry’s biggest fans, I urge you to watch her behind the scenes 3D movie ‘Part of Me’ to know who Katy Perry really is.

Seeking Laziness?

By the end of Friday, we all get exhausted from our work, from the constant nagging of our bitchy manager who not only assigns loads of responsibilities and tasks but also gives us the most stupid remark just to avoid saying ‘thank you’, from the endless traffic caused by schools and colleges, from the hot weather that makes you numb and sleepy and from endless days of early wake ups just to be at work on time.

Read again the first paragraph. Did you feel a sudden extra weight on your shoulder? I know I did. There are two ways to deal with this situation: either get rid of that weight or keep it accumulating. I don’t know about you but I choose the first option,and what better way to do so other than breaking routine. When I feel I’m drowning (metaphorically speaking) and overloaded to the extent that I can’t breathe, I seek craziness, something new and fun to feel balanced again.

One of the best ways to feel alive is to have some leisure time in our lives such as going to road trips, shopping, hanging out with our friends/best friend, exercising, participating new activities/sports, going to the beach… That’s how I gain my balance and become productive again. Try to insert some craziness in your life and you’ll automatically feel fresh again.

Last Sunday, I went to one of Lebanon’s amazing beach resorts in Jiyeh: LAZY B, or should I call it HEAVEN B! It is the calmest beach I have ever seen (Literally there’s no music) in South of Lebanon. The view indeed looks like heaven on earth. If you want to feel a bit lazy, trust me, you need to visit Lazy B ASAP! The resort has basically two pools,one is oval and the other is rectangle surrounded by grass and beautiful flowers in different colors and shapes. The oval pool has 2 large balloons where people can sit on it and float above the water. Be careful from the balloon though because you have to be fast and get to its center, otherwise you will fall in the water and laugh your ass off later (just like I did shhhh). There are actual beds for people to sunbathe/sleep! There are also other kinds of comfortable chairs for those who find awkward to use beds. On the other hand, there are hammocks where people use them to relax or have some photo shoot (Like I did). I even fell asleep in one of them because of the resort’s atmosphere and the absence of music. It was worth it though, we all need to feel lazy every once in a while so don’t be afraid admitting that you want some craziness in your system and try experiencing the fun of having a lazy day at a place where people are as lazy as you are going to be: Lazy B

Balad El Mousawat

Last Friday, my friends and I decided to go clubbing at the most elegant rooftop in Beirut. It turns out that one of our friends already reserved for us a week ago over the bar and wanted to surprise us. I was very excited to the extent that my adrenaline level more than doubled from my enthusiasm. I even picked the perfect dress color that matched with the club’s theme: WHITE. Clubbing time arrived. We were all dressed up and on our way to party our asses off. Little did we know, the place that we were going to was the shittiest fucked up club someone can ever imagine!

Clubbing at White was the worst experience that I wish to erase from my memory: First the ‘Valet Parking’ took 20,000 LBP (wtf?!!)  just to take our car, drive it recklessly, and park it a zillion blocks away from the club. After we got over that lousy ass parking service, we headed to the club but guess what? They didn’t let us in. Why?! I wish I knew.Their excuse was that there’s no place and no reservation under ‘Roger’ (our friend who reserved a week ago). Roger tried to talk with all the bouncers there and explained to them the situation, all they did was ignore us like trash and let others in. We were so pissed at them and wished to disappear. We were fully dressed with our make up and hotness on but instead they were choosing other arrogant people like them. We finally gave up and decided to go somewhere else before someone gets hurt.

Is this the equality that people talk about in Lebanon? Is this how the government keeps proving us that there’s no discrimination? Does the term ‘Lebanon is for everyone’ truly apply to this country? Who is responsible for all this misconception of this country? Many questions were going through my head while heading to the other club which I was also worried about. But you gotta believe when they say ‘Expect the Unexpected’ because we weren’t expecting to have such a blast at FUNKTION; one of Lebanon’s exclusive rooftop with amazing graphics and incredible DJ (hot too:P). The mesmerizing music made us move and dance non stop without even getting drunk, that’s the DJ’s job, he made us drunk through his amazing music and the mixed melody accompanied by very beautiful background graphics that were constantly changing every time the music changes. FUNKTION will be one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had.

Once again Lebanese society proves that everything in Lebanon is misunderstood and what matters is not who you are, it’s who you know (kil shi byifhamo bil 2eleb w bala wasta ma btiswa 2irsh). So if someone asks me about WHITE, I directly say it’s a bunch of  Wasted Hypocritical Ignorant Trashy Empty heads who I should thank for not letting me and my friends in as we discovered the most exclusive rooftop we could ever imagine.


To XoXo Lovers

For those who are addicted to Gossip Girl (me included), male or female, whether it is for the hot guys/girls or for the thirst of gossip running through your veins, blow me a kiss!

I used to stay awake till the wee hours, waiting for the episodes of Gossip Girl to be uploaded after broadcasting from abc TV station  in United States. I basically downloaded season 4 and 5 through torrents right after finishing the three previous seasons (, that’s how much I love this show.

For those who are curious enough to know about the show, Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily Von Ziegesar. It is mostly based on the lives of five teenagers; Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) the lead actress, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) Serena’s BFF, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) Blair’s on and off  true lover, Nathaniel Archibald (Chace Crawford) who has a very interesting character in this show since he was Serna’s AND Blair’s ex, and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), the lonely boy whose first and true love was and remained Serena Van Der Woodsen. These teenagers live at the Upper East Side where drama never ends and gossip never stops, except Dan who lives in Brooklyn and appears in the first season as the outsider who falls deeply in love with Blake’s character.

On the other hand, there’s one person who literally stalks these teenagers and made their news and updates her one and only interest: The Gossip Girl. In every season, Gossip Girl never reveals her name even though the Upper East Siders attempted to unveil her true identity and take her down for several times but with no luck. Gossip Girl has a strange relationship with those Upper East Siders and with the lonely boy, she keeps texting them whenever she spots something not right or dangerous. However, not every text that she sends or blog about were true because some of the sources that she got were not trustworthy.

The American teen drama is not just about stupid gossips who people crave for, it is about facts and real experiences occurring in our real lives with our families and friends and best friends, it is about a trust game we learn how to play through our cruel experiences, every mistrust that we face is followed by a payback time which is probably exaggerated in the show but it is also happening in our daily lives.

To recap some of the moments of the show, here are some my favorite quotes that I missed the most:

P.S. I hope those quotes will motivate you to start watching this exciting show, enjoy!

“Oh, that doesn’t mean anything. They went to Cornwall to find Juliet because she drugged me and tried to convince everyone I was crazy.” (Serena)

“[To Serena] Dan and I have a real connection. We did things like visit the Dia and debate Cahbrol versus Romer. Things that we would never do with you” (Blair and Serena)

“D:I thought hearing that somebody’s life is worse than yours would help.B:Well, your job isn’t to think, it’s to serve. When I need your help, I’ll ring the bell.” (Dorota and Blair)

“Be careful walking down the primrose path. You may find hell instead of happily ever after.” (Gossip Girl)

“Penelope, I see on Gossip Girl that you are between 36th and 48th Streets. That is a tasteful-gift-free zone. Get back in the cab.” (Blair)

“[To Blair] Earn the spotlight on your own merits. You’ll feel better.” (Serena)

“[To Serena] Normal people don’t get an endless number of chances, no matter the situation. That’s just you.” (Dan)

“You know, I think he was the only guy to ever say no to me. I was in love with him.” (Serena)

D:Don’t think this means I’ve been calling out your name in my sleep. N:I haven’t been writing Mrs. Dan Humphrey in my notebook” (Dan and Nate)

“I’m upset because I kissed someone who wasn’t you. Do you really think I’ve never kissed a guy before?” (Chuck)

“Blair, I see you are wearing your beret. Who are you spying on tonight?” (Chuck)

“Just so you know, there are a few things that I consider sacred. The back of a limo is one of them.” (Chuck)

I Dare You To Try

Everyone has his/her own way of delivering certain message to someone. Some express through a straight-forward statement, others express through creative techniques attracting people by their message.

Celebrities are known as the gods of creativity and individuality. Here are few examples showing their exceptional art in delivering their message.

Chris Brown


He recently tattooed a woman’s face on his neck, wounded and in pain and who has a very big resemblance of his former lover Rihanna. Coincidence? I think not.

Even though Chris Brown denies the fact that the tattoo does not represent his ex girlfriend, it is obvious that he created a distinctive approach to express his regret of the unforgettable memory back in 2009 when he beat up Rihanna and traced remarkable bruises on her face and neck. Through this tattoo, Chris Brown showed that he will always remember how he hurt her and how he wishes he can undo the damage he caused not only to his ex but also to his fans.

Lady Gaga


Every single step Lady Gaga takes is distinguished from the other.

I was very surprised when I saw her wearing a custom made dress tailored by meat, or when she appeared as her alter ego Jo Calderone (ugliest man I have ever seen), but I am not being surprised anymore.Her recent BO(A)LD statement demonstrated in public was her half shaved hair as a tribute to her close friend and photographer Terry Richardson’s mother’s death. Very sentimental message Gaga! Keep up the good work 🙂



(The iconic singer deserves a blog on her own explaining the meaning of every single tattoo that she has on her body)

Rihanna has over 20 tattoos on her body, perfectly designed.

Her latest tattoo was the one she had underneath her breasts which is the inking (done at a parlour in London’s Soho over the weekend) of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the goddess of rainbows. The distinctive design is a tribute to her late beloved grandmother who she loved very much.

And they say perfection doesn’t exist! Clearly they haven’t met these artists yet who presented perfection through another perception. However, no matter how creative you are, if you live in Lebanon, my advice is the following: DO NOT IMITATE THEM! The government will think you’re a freak and make you bare the consequences (bitrabbik 3a tari2ta) (but that will be discussed in another topic). But if you’re outside Lebanon and you like to be distinguished by the others, then GO FOR IT! I DARE YOU.

Dear Diary


Every once in a while, I feel very down and surrounded by darkness out of no reason. When that day comes, I usually talk to myself in my head but never expressed that thoughts and feelings out loud. Today, I took advantage of that moment and instead of keeping those words in my head, I decided to write them down in my blog, after all, skylerspeaks is simply a reflection of myself.

Today, for the first time in my life, I dreamed that I was in a quicksand and there was no way out, in addition to that, the quicksand was inside a closed room, without a door, not even a window, just four simple walls. That feeling scared me and unfortunately this is how I woke up and it got worse because I was thinking about my dream all day and finishing my tasks at the same time.

After constant thinking about the same dream, and after long hours of self analysis, I got to a conclusion and  I decoded my dream;

– The quicksand is my current position at work, a position that can’t get further than that due to small the lack of departments in the company.

– The fact that I’m not being able to get out of that quicksand and keeps pushing me down is because I have higher ambitions that I’m trying to find a way to make them real but unfortunately, if you don’t know someone important in this life, you can’t get anywhere. That is why, the more I will stay in this company with the same position, the more the sand will keep pushing me down to the bottom.

As for the 4 walls:

– First wall represents my family. No matter how hard I try to get close to my parents, I still see this same wall standing between us. I tried to break through it, ignore it, jump on top of it, nothing worked. In those moments I really wish Superman was real with his huge muscles so helps me remove this wall for good.

– Second wall represents my financial status. No matter how hard I try to save money each month, I always fail to do so. I always restrain myself from overspending but in this country, everything is possible except saving money

– Third wall is my education. My target for education is endless. I graduated from University as a good Business student and I still have in my mind that same target I had years ago, getting my masters degree. Unfortunately, due to my low salary and the fact that I’m unable to save money are keeping my away from my target

– Fourth and finally the last wall, my temper. I’ve been working in this company for over seven years, seven years of customer service and later as assistant operations manager  (assistant + customer service) can you imagine how do you become after working seven freakin years by just answering phone calls?! 90% of the calls are complaints and problems and cursing, on top of that a very moody manager which she interferes in every single call that you get from anyone. I didn’t graduate to answer stupid phone calls and feel that I’m a robot with no emotions, I did not SIGN for this!

The fact that there’s no way out from this room is because these 4 walls complete each other. Had I saved some money, I would’ve able to support my family and that itself will break at least 2 of the walls.

So, what’s the solution? Is it possible to get out from this quicksand or will I be stuck in it for good? Will I be able to break one of those walls? I might get my answers very soon and I might die and still wondering when will I get my answers, either way, life itself is a mystery, we never know what’s hiding for us.

Taxi? La2 SERVICE!!!


I love Lebanon, I really do. I can travel around the world and be mesmerized by the Great Wall of China, cry from the beauty and innocence of Italy (tears of joy), amazed by the elegance of France… but I will always love Lebanon, there’s no country that can get you to the mountains in less than half hour and take you back to the sea in less than 20 minutes except Lebanon.

It’s a great country with a great nightlife. Unfortunately, there are many things and many people who turned this country upside down and made the life of the Lebanese citizens a living hell, on top of them are the politicians…and the cab drivers! Yes the cab drivers, surprised ha. 70% of them are freaks, 25% of them go after girls and only 5% are the sane ones.

Cab drivers are supposed to be the safest human beings who they should care about their passengers’ safety but here in Lebanon, everything is different, breaking rules are in their veins. If a cab driver is driving from the left side of the road and he suddenly sees a potential passenger to the right, he simply goes to the right without giving any sign to the cars behind him that he’s changing his direction along with a non stop honk so that the person who’s standing there to wait for him. (And you wonder why the percentage of car accidents increase, well here’s your answer)

Lebanese people are social human beings, and sometimes they talk almost anything just for the sake of talking. Cab drivers are the role models in that department, they start talking about their personal lives, how he’s unhappy with his wife and that’s why he chose this career, to stay away from her and to meet other women (and by other women they mean you). Can you imagine someone telling you such story at 7 freakin AM?! and they continue their talk by saying how incredible you are and beautiful and you’re not even saying a word. I don’t know if all of you agree with me or if you were in similar situations as such, maybe I just have a bad luck in life.

In addition to that, all of them pretend to have amnesia. You pay them 2,000 LBP let’s say from Ashrafieh to Dora, they either tell you that you have to pay ‘Servicen’ (meaning 4,000 LBP) because he had to drop the other passenger to Dekwaneh and that made him drive all the way back to Dora, (as if that’s your problem) or they will pretend they forgot that you paid them and call you a liar and make you pay for a second time.

After all these horrible experiences of crazy cab drivers with their crazy stories, I finally decided to end this nightmare and found the perfect solution: GETTING MY OWN CAR. I got a clean used car that I can now drive at 7:00 AM, knowing that there won’t be anyone next to me talking about his crazy or perverted stories, it’s just me and my radio!, so in case someone is going through the same problem at the moment, take my advice, go get yourself a second hand car that you can afford and wake up from your nightmare for good, I know I have 🙂


To Add or Not to Add


So the other day I was at my work, a customer called for a certain business inquiry and he had the sexiest voice one can ever imagine. I thanked God on that day for having smartphone and a 3G connection in my life. Right after I hung up the phone, I opened Facebook and searched for his profile, and there he was, the guy with the charming voice! I first checked his personal information such as his educational background, his interests, his favorite type of music and I’m not going to lie, I also checked his relationship status 🙂

If I were a guy and I was checking a beautiful girl’s profile, I wouldn’t even think whether I should add her as a friend or not, I would add her before I blink, but that’s not the case here isn’t it? I stayed on his profile, checking some of his pictures but I didn’t add him as my friend. Then it hit me. Why is it normal for a guy to add some random girl but the idea will be crazy if it will be the other way around? Why can’t I do the same for a change? If a girl likes someone’s profile and adds him as her friend, she will be labeled as an easy girl and a stalker or at least this is how society taught us. I thought for hours about this simple and yet complicated issue but the curiosity to find out what it feels like adding someone random for the first time was preventing me to close his profile, next thing I know I already clicked on ‘Add as a Friend’, following by an immediate regret and a monologue: Why on earth did I add him? What if he doesn’t accept me as his friend? What would I tell him if I see him online? Should I talk first?… Numerous questions were accumulating in my brain which prevented me from sleeping but what’s done is done.

The next day I checked my profile, he accepted me as his friend! I was very happy yet very hesitant at the same time because I still don’t know what should I do next. After one week of hesitation, I finally got the courage to talk to him and explained why I added him on Facebook. I was very surprised from his reaction, I don’t know if he was too shy or too shocked because I was talking to him, he was too serious, with the minimum use of emoticons and very short sentences but he was friendly at the same time, asking me about my hobbies and what I do in life.

The situation was still weird, I felt very wrong, as if I’m stealing something that’s not mine. I never add a stranger just because he has an interesting profile, I don’t know what was I thinking back then and I don’t know if he will talk to me again or simply remove me from his friends list (I know I would). If he will, this means I can clearly prove my point that society should not dominate our brain and that we should dominate the society. If he won’t, then it will be his problem. At least this way I wouldn’t keep wondering ‘what if I added him’, I would have answers in both situations, nothing to lose 🙂

What about you my fellow readers? Do you think the same way or did I cross my line in this situation? Do you wonder why the girl can’t add someone in her social network just because she feels like it? Is it true that the society is our leader and not the other way around? Feel free to share all your point of views and comments, after all, we are all humans and we always learn from each other and try to become a better person as we grow.